Understanding the Story Behind Texas de Brazil: Who Owns the Popular Restaurant Chain?

Understanding the Story Behind Texas de Brazil: Who Owns the Popular Restaurant Chain?

Introduction to Texas de Brazil: Background and Overview

Texas de Brazil is an international chain of full-service Brazilian steakhouse restaurants. Founded in 1998 in Addison Texas, the restaurant specializes in a unique concept known as ‘churrasco-style’ dining, where guests are served unlimited portions of skewered meats carved directly from skewers by costumed passadores – sword-wielding men roaming the floor – and an extensive salad bar.

The menu at Texas de Brazil is designed to be enjoyed family-style, allowing a group of people to share varied flavors and textures with their friends or family. The cornerstone of any meal here is the unlimited servings offered from fifteen different cuts of grilled and seasoned meats – which can include lamb chops, pork ribs, garlic steak picanha, spicy chicken breasts – all sourced from premium local ranches. This meat feast is then accompanied by an outstanding variety of classic side dishes such as grilled pineapple and seasonable vegetables cooked to perfection right on the BBQ grill. In addition to these delicious options available for those searching for something more, they also offer a wide range of appetizers including bacon wrapped dates filled with cheese; Picanha sliders with chimichurri sauce; as well as classic sides such as mashed potatoes served warm. Each guest also has access to the signature Salad Bar which includes over 15 unique hot and cold items like Brazilian tomato beef stew or hearts of palm salad treated with fresh lime juice and cilantro dressing.

This dining experience culminates with decadent desserts prepared by experienced pastry chefs who use classic Brazilian recipes that are truly made from scratch each day! No matter what you may be craving – whether it’s their Chocolate Pave Cake cradled in velvety icing or their classic Brigadeiro Cake Luxurious Sampler Platter packed with 4 types of sweet confections—they will make sure that your visit leaves you feeling satisfied until your next visit!

Overall, Texas de Brazil provides its customers with an unforgettable culinary experience exceeding expectations time after time due to its high-quality ingredients infused with traditional South American flavors combined harmoniously into flavorful dishes every day!

Unveiling the History of Texas de Brazil: What We Know So Far

Texas de Brazil is an international restaurant chain that has operations throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Founded in 1998 by brothers Felix and Wilfred Souza Jr., the concept combines traditional Brazilian-style all-you-can-eat meat grilling with an upscale dining experience. Texas de Brazil’s signature technique of spreading seasoned cuts of steak and other meats across wire skewers originates from a centuries-old gaucho tradition of grilling over open fire pits in Southern Brazil.

Over the past 21 years, Texas De Brazil has become one of America’s most iconic Brazilian dining experiences. Today, customers can enjoy everything from the sumptuous salad bar to succulent cuts of beef served fresh from huge skewers. But what is the story behind one of America’s favorite churrascarias?

The History of Texas de Brazil can be traced back to brothers Felix and Wilfred Junior Souza’s upbringing in Campo Grande, Brazil. Growing up in a working class family, the young boys were introduced to this unique style of grilled meats presented on wireless forks. As they grew older, they opened their own “churraceira” in their hometown where they would prepare the local flavors their family had grown accustomed to enjoying together around a fire pit.

In 1996 Felix and Wilfred moved stateside to pursue their dream of bringing Texas de Brazil to American audiences – opening their very first establishment within Dallas’ North Park Mall as Cuidad do Brasil Churrascaria (translated as The City Of Brazil Grill House). It was soon after that they relocated out towards Fort Worth three years later where they officially rebranded as ‘Texas de Brazil’, establishing themselves as an internationally renowned churrasco brand renowned for its traditional rodizio service alongside unique native dishes.

Twenty-one years since it’s founding brotherly legacy, Texas de Brazil has since blossomed into one 70+ outlets worldwide – regularly winning accolades & awards such as readers awards for Best Steakhouses & Churrascarias among publications like USA Today & TravelandLeisure Magazine. From its humble beginnings within North Park Mall right through to its presence today on every continent apart from Antarctica – it’s fair to say Juitsu! With two Masters of Brazilian Gaucho culture at its helm – there is no doubt that some serious patience spent tracking down mountain side recipes & learning ancient cooking techniques have gone into making up this delicious culinary journey.. !

Exploring Who Owns Texas de Brazil: A Closer Look

Texas de Brazil is one of the most iconic restaurants in the United States, known for its extensive selection of Brazilian steaks and other classic dishes. The restaurant has been around since 1997 and is a favorite with both local and international customers. But who owns Texas de Brazil? This article will take a closer look at the ownership structure behind this iconic restaurant chain.

The company was originally founded by Salim Asrawi and his brother, Maged Asrawi, two Brazilian-born immigrants who came to the United States in 1988. The family opened the first Texas de Brazil location in 1998 in Addison, Texas, and over time it has continued to expand into numerous locations throughout the country. Today, there are over 50 locations across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Oceania that serve authentic Brazilian fare to hungry diners.

So who actually owns Texas de Brazil? In 2017, Lion Capital LLP acquired a significant stake in the restaurant group through a debt transaction that allowed existing shareholders Salim Asrawi and Maged Asrawi to remain majority owners of their beloved restaurant brand for years to come.

Lion Capital LLP is an active partner with major global consumer brands like Wagamama (an Asian cuisine chain), Califia Farms (producer of plant-based beverages) and Kettle Foods Products Ltd (a producer of chips). Their focus on long-term sustainable growth works hand-in-hand with their strategy for Texas de Brazil—as long as owners Salim Asrawi and Maged Asrawi remain involved within the business’s operations as majority owners.

It’s clear that Lion Capital LLP works hard to ensure that investors are happy while also preserving the original vision of its clients like Salim Asrawiacquisition—to provide premium quality food made from fresh ingredients prepared in traditional ways. Ownership by Lion Capital LPLLP is a testament to how much they value this concept as they make sure it’s passed down generationally within each family owned business. This level of detail given by Lion allows families such as Salim and Maged’s to maintain what makes them unique while ensuring customer satisfaction here at home nationally or abroad internationally!

Learning More about the Current Owners: Inside Details

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The Benefits of Dining at Texas de Brazil: Advantages for Customers

One of the best things about Texas de Brazil is its dedication to providing an irresistible dining experience to its customers. As a customer at Texas de Brazil, you get to take advantage of several benefits not offered by many other restaurants. Here are some of the top advantages that come with dining at this popular steakhouse chain:

1. Delicious & Authentic Cuisine – At Texas de Brazil, you can enjoy authentic Brazilian-style barbecue dishes made from fresh and quality ingredients. The restaurant slow-cooks their barbecued meats over open flame pits fueled with spicy orange wood before they are served in generous portions directly from skewers. You will be able to get your fill of succulent cuts like pork loin, beef, lamb, filet mignon, chicken and sausage while enjoying fresh salads and side dishes homemade daily.

2. Extensive Selection – Not only does Texas de Brazil offer diners variety when it comes to choosing main courses; they also offer guests plenty of options for dessert as well! From traditional favorites like creamy Flan or Tres Leches cake to more exotic desserts like Brazilian Brigadeiro Fondue or Papaya Cream Cobbler you’ll have all sorts of items from which you can choose.

3. High Quality Service – Stop in at any Texas de Brazil location and let one of the friendly wait staff help you navigate the expansive food selection so that you can make sure your meal lives up to your expectations . Additionally, professional managers are always on hand working hard behind the scenes ensuring guests a pleasurable visit each time they stop by for dinner or drinks after work .

4 Great Value – For those on a budget seeking delicious meals without breaking the bank , Texas de Brazil offers excellent savings through special promotions like kids eat free days (up to two free kids meals per adult entree). You can also enjoy discounted ratesenjoyable when freezing weather threatens your outdoor plans during the colder months there’s always something enjoyable happening inside at Texan de Brazils’s family-friendly lounge sipping cocktails while enjoying live musical performances or holiday crafts and events available both during lunchtime and evening hours each month giving customers great value for their money every time they dine here !

FAQs about Who Owns Texas de Brazil and Its History

Q1: Who owns Texas de Brazil?

A: Texas de Brazil is owned by Cozmo Acquisition LLC, a holding company that also owns and operates other ventures in the restaurant industry, including the Famous Famiglia chain of pizzerias. The majority partner of this entity is a group led by KarpReilly LLC, a private-equity investment firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut. The operator of Texas de Brazil is Texas Land & Cattle Company LP, which has locations in US and Canada.

Q2: When was Texas de Brazil founded?

A: Texas de Brazil was opened by limited partnership founded by Salim Zahir Nassif (Chairman) and Shimon Goldberg (CEO) under the name “Rodizio Vila Brasil” on October 13th 1998 in Addison, TX. The concept quickly gained popularity amongst locals for its distinctive style of Rio Grande do Sul cuisine. In 2003, the ”Texas de Brazil” brand name was created for expansion into other markets outside of Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Q3: How does the “churrasco” concept work?

A: Churrasco refers to barbeque-style cuisine inspired from gauchos – or cowboys from Southern Brazils border city Rio Grande do Sul. Patrons can enjoy an extensive salad bar and then may choose to have servers bring them tableside portions of various meats on large skewers such as filet mignon wrapped with bacon, Brazilian sausage called “linguica”, leg of lamb, spare ribs and more – all seasoned with authentic spices imported directly from Brazilian butchers. As guests enjoy their meal it will be accompanied with traditional sides such as cheese bread (squared-shape), mashed potatoes or garlic mashed potatoes, fried banana paired up with caramel sauce and much more!

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Understanding the Story Behind Texas de Brazil: Who Owns the Popular Restaurant Chain?
Understanding the Story Behind Texas de Brazil: Who Owns the Popular Restaurant Chain?
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